Surrey Hills and Woldingham. Around 9.5 miles

Reasonable fitness level required for this ride.

Start from Botley Hill Farmhouse. Turn left on to the cycle path and continue for 100 yards where it ends.

Cross over the road and continue for 10 minutes until you reach Beech Farm Road where you should cross over and head straight on until you reach Ledgers Road.

Cross over the road and continue past Slines Oak Road to your left and a small pond. You should now be approaching Knights Garden Centre.

On your left you will see High Lane. Head down High Lane and follow it straight downhill where it becomes a gravel lane. Keep following the lane uphill and round to the right. You will see the golf course to your right.

After 10 minutes you will soon cross over a small road which is the entrance to the club house.
After a few minutes you will come to some blue cycle signs and a bridleway where you should cross over the road.

Be careful as it is a blind bend and traffic cannot see you.

Follow the small path downhill briefly to the end of the path. You will now be on Woldingham Road next to Knights Garden Centre.

Cross over the road and follow the blue cycle signs on the mud path for 1 minute or so. When you are at the end of the path turn left on to the lane and continue for 10 minutes.

You should be approaching an entrance gate of Woldingham School. Continue straight ahead with the school on your left.

You will soon come to a right turn where the road leads away. No pass needed, you have right of way as a cyclist. Carry on up this lane with rolling hills both sides of you for 10-15 minutes.

As you come to the end of the lane there is a barrier, now turn left. Continue for 5 minutes to the end of the road.

Now turn left up a steep hill and continue for about 15 minutes. As you approach the top, the road levels out and you will see an old flint house on your left and a forest to your right.

Continue for 5-10 minutes through the Surrey Hills and you should see Marden Park on your left.

Follow the road around the left-hand bend and cycle up a small hill to the top. Now turn right on to the Ridge Road and continue for 1 mile until you reach the Croydon Road, then turn left.

Botley Hill Farmhouse is 200 yards ahead on your left.

Keep a look out for horses which you must give way to at any time!



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