From the White Bear to Warlingham/Woldingham. Approx 13.5 miles

From White Bear car park turn right onto Fairchildes Road. As you go around the left-hand bend, take the bridleway on your right - it is just couple of minutes from your start point.

Head towards a small gate and proceed through, then cycle down a steep hill and up the other side. When you reach the top of the hill, the path turns left and continues for about 200 yards.

You will soon approach another small gate, where you should turn left on to Scotshall Lane. Keep going for 5 minutes until you reach a small junction, then turn right.

You should now be on Church Lane. Continue down the road for 10 minutes or so passing Holt Woods to your right.

After another 5 minutes you will be on the road which runs into Chelsham Common Road.

Keep cycling and look out for a bridleway on your left - it has no gate and is a small path which leads in to Rogers Lane and comes out on Limpsfield Road.

Be careful, you are approaching a busy road where you should cross over to High Lane.

To continue this route please refer to ROUTE 3 High Lane.

Keep a look out for horses which you must give way to at any time!



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