A picturesque walk from Botley Hill Farmhouse along the North Downs. Moderate.  Approximately 5.3 miles.

Walk 5 pic 1.png

Park your car at Botley Farmhouse, leave the car park, turn right and head southward down the road towards Oxted.

Walk 5 pic 2.pngWalk past a roundabout and then cross the road and follow the North Downs Path (NDP). The path initially follows the roads in the woods before climbing up the hills again and follows the edge of the Downs. On the way you cross a narrow road but continue along the same direction crossing fields until eventually you come out at a road.

Walk 5 pic 3.pngCross the road and follow the North Downs Ways along Chestnut Avenue.  After a while take a footpath on the left. This footpath comes out near the Church. Take a couple of minutes to look at the Church and the churchyard which is well worth a visit. There are stunning views across to the High Weald and the Greensand Ridge.

Walk 5 pic 4.pngTurn right and head northwards up the road away from the view. Follow the road and take the second footpath on the left along the edge of the golf course.  This path takes you over a number of fields and it eventually arrives by the school at Tatsfield.

Turn left and cross the Green and go down Lusted Hall Lane.  Follow this road until it turns sharp right and take a bridle path on the left. Follow this path along a couple of fields and eventually you come to a further road. Turn right and walk down the road and take a footpath on the left just before Beddlestaed House. The path goes around the perimeter of the grounds of the house and take a path of the main track on the left.

Walk 5 pic 5.pngThis path goes across a field and comes to a large field. This field must be unchanged for hundreds of years. Head on the same general direction across the field until you come to a faint track, Follow this down to a gate in the valley on the North side of the field.

Go through the gate and head up to about half way along where the copse extends further into the field. Cross a stile and follow at rack to the main road. Turn left and walk back to Botley Farmhouse