From Botley Hill Farmhouse to The White Bear. Approximately 4.5 miles, lots of stiles and one steep descent.

Leave Botley Hill Farmhouse and turn left, heading north-west. In good weather you can see the whole of London. There is a good path and so the road does not detract from the walk. Follow the path as it transfers to the other side of the road. Take the second footpath on the right hand side down a track.

Follow the track in the same general direction. Carry straight on when the main track turns left. At the end of the track you come to a stile. Cross the stile and go carefully down the hill to a gate in the fence to the left of the Valley bottom. This is classic North Downs landscape which has not changed for hundreds of years. The map shows a Roman road going through the bottom of the valley and you can imagine the legions marching along.

Go through the gate and take the track down the Valley, following it as it bends to the left. Just before the second bend, look out for a stile on the right. 

Cross the stile and turn left to follow the enclosed track to the road. Care is needed on the road as traffic can travel very fast. Also watch out for bikes.

Turn left and follow the road for 200 metres and then turn right down Washpond Lane. Almost immediately, take the footpath on the right. Follow the path between the houses and farm buildings to another stile.

Cross the stile and head in a southward direction aiming slightly to the right of a little copse which protrudes into the field. Find a stile in the corner of the field and follow the field edge until you meet a road. Turn left and take the fork in the road to St Leonard's Church.

Walk through the churchyard and pass to the right of it to a stile. Cross the next field and turn left down the road.

Walk down the road and after about 200 metres there is a bridlepath going straight on where the road bears left.

Follow this bridlepath to the road at the end and then turn left. Soon you'll be arriving at The White Bear.