From the North Downs Shepherd Huts to Botley Hill Farmhouse. Approximately 2.5 miles or 1 hour. Flat across tracks and farmland with a steep climb at the end. Waterproof boots recommended in the winter.

Turn left out of the farm yard, walking towards the low hum of the M25.

Pick up the VGW (Vanguard Way) way markers and cross the M25 trying not to imagine crossing lanes of roaring traffic without this handy footbridge.

Turn immediately left on crossing the M25, keeping the motorway to your left for approximately 1/2 mile.

Keep walking along the field edge until your find a fingerpost which points to diagonally across a field. Aim for the oak tree next to the green fenced compound. 

The church spire should be visible to your right in the distance as you cross the field.

When you hit the road, cross carefully onto the wide verge on the opposite side of the road and walk approximately 100m until you find a hooped gate. Go through the gate and over a bridge into the field. Beware of the bull signs even if there is no visible bull!

Cross this field (it gets pretty muddy in the winter) on a left diagonal route through a 5-bar gate and towards the farm buildings on the edge of the Titsey Estate on Pitchfont Lane.

After the dairy farm, keep on the wide track and start heading uphill.

You will shortly encounter a North Downs Way (NDW) fingerpost coming onto the lane from the left. You are now on the National Trail.

The last mile is all uphill, but well worth the effort for the views.

At the top of the hill from the Titsey car park turn left and carefully cross the ridge, picking up the cycle and footpath on the B269, a few hundred metres to Botley Hill Farmhouse.

You are now nearly 700ft above sea level, and probably very thirsty!

Eat, drink and be merry!

This route has been provided by one of our customers and we hope you enjoy it. It is correct to the best of our knowledge; if you have any suggestions or comments, please do email us. Also - we always love to hear about walking routes around Botley Hill Farmhouse, so feel free to send them too.