Healthy New Year

Dec 17, 2015

We're thoroughly enjoying the season of feasting here at Botley Hill Farmhouse, but like many of you we'll be looking to make some healthier choices in the New Year. Of course, that doesn't mean we're going to compromise on taste - far from it.

We've devised some deliciously tempting healthy options for our specials board, using the best fresh, flavourful ingredients chosen for their health-giving properties. Here's a taster of what you can look forward to in January 2016.

Tomato, coconut , ginger & chilli soup
Tomatoes are bursting with the antioxidant lycopene, which may help to ward off some cancers. Nutrient-rich coconut contains many essential vitamins, and ginger and chilli are believed to help relieve muscle, joint and nerve pain.

Sweet & sour vegetables with brown rice
Make sure you get your 5-a-day with a plate of gorgeous vegetables teamed with brown rice - full of fibre which can help lower cholesterol.

Caramelised pear & lentil salad with roasted vine tomatoes
Pears and lentils are both rich in fibre, and pears are also a great source of vitamins B2, C and E while lentils contain lots of iron. As well as the lycopene mentioned above, tomatoes are also loaded with antioxidant vitamin C.

Spicy avocado, black bean, corn, tomato & red onion salad with lime (with optional chicken or salmon)
Avocados are known to be full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, while black beans are high in protein and fibre. Corn, tomato and red onion are all great sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Lean proteins like chicken and salmon are great for watching your waistline.

Roast butternut squash risotto with spiced super seeds
The high fibre content of butternut squash makes it a great choice for heart health, and its levels of potassium can help maintain healthy bones, too. Seeds areĀ packed with nutrients like protein, fibre, iron, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids - all-round superstars.

So who's hungry? We certainly are! Call us now on 01959 577154 to book your table or click here.

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