Environmentally friendly wheat straws make for refreshing summer sipping

Aug 02, 2019

As we're based in spectacular countryside here at Botley Hill Farmhouse, we are always looking at how we can improve our environmental credentials – so we are thrilled to announce that we are now using wheat straws.

The beauty of this kind of straw is that unlike the plastic variety, they are 100% compostable, and yet unlike the paper variety, they do not disintegrate in your drink.

Invented by two friends, theatre producer Benjamin Lockwood and actor Roger Dipper, the pair stumbled upon the idea during a visit to Vietnam. On their adventures, the pair discovered the locals were enjoying their drinks through straws made from grass, which sparked their own idea for an environmentally-friendly drinking utensil.

“We did some research and realised that while paper straws tended to turn to mush, re-useable straws were not easy to wash,” says Benjamin. “Eventually, though, we found a manufacturer who is making the straw for us using the stem of wheat – a by-product of the harvest that would normally be thrown away or burnt.”

What is more, the straws are also gluten-free. As such, they really are a win-win all round.

So, when you’re next soaking up the summer sunshine and beautiful views in our garden with your favourite drink in hand you can now enjoy sipping with a completely clear conscience.

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